Research Interests: Bio-inspired Robotics, Mobile Robot, Embedded System Design



Work Experience:

The Biorobotics Lab, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA                    Aug 2012- Now

Staff, System Hardware/Software Engineer


The Center for Biologically Inspired Robotics Research, CWRU, USA                                        Sep 2012- Now

Research Assistant.


The Biorobotics Lab, The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA                   Jun 2012- Aug 2012

Internship, Electrical Engineer


Micro and Nano Bio-robotics Lab.                                                                                              May 2008- July 2011

State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System, HIT, P.R.China.

Research Assistant.


Academic Experience:

Case Western Reserve University, USA                                                                                        Aug 2011- Aug 2013

M.S., School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.


Harbin Institute of Technology , P.R.China.                                                                                Sep 2006-July 2010

B.E., School of Mechatronics Engineering.



Research Projects     

Team member, A Hybrid Neuroprosthesis for walking with SCI                                                     Sep 2012~Now

l            Funded by United States Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

l            Collaborate with APT Center,Louis Stokes Cleveland Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

l            A embedded control system and algorithm was developed for this project.

l            Master's Thesis.


Team member, Case Western Reserve University Autonomous Lawnmower Team                  Sep 2012~ July 2013

l            Sensor development and control algorithm research.

l            Institute of Navigation (ION) Autonomous Snowplow Competition 2013 -4th Place


Team member, Asian Pacific Robot Contest ROBOCON 2009 & 2010 [Pic.1, 2 ]      

l   Control and hardware group team leader and designed the structure of the robot control system.                    

l   Independently designed the main system control board based on ARM7+FPGA (4 layer PCB)

l             Independently designed the 100Amp. DC motor driver based on MOSFET H-bridge.

l             participate in Software designembedded C programming for real-time operating system with μC-OS.


Team leader,    Flexible Electrostatic Attraction -Biomimetic Climbing Robot [Pic.3-5]              Dec200.9~Aug 2011

l            HIT Robotics Institution Project, which also is the 863 National Project, No.2009AA04Z2174.

l            Participated in the fundamental research of electrostatic attraction theory and application.

l            Independently designed the six generation robot prototype: Gecko-inspired FEA climbing robot.

l            2 papers published; 1 paper in progress.


Team member, SLAM Project for ROBOCUP Mobile Robot - Pioneer [Pic.6]                Aug.-Sept.2009

l            SensComp ultrasonic sensor system reverse engineering.

l            Independently designed the hardware driver circuit board for the ultrasonic sensor array.

l            Participated in Sensor and navigation system Programming.


Team member, Signal Acquisition System for Mining Rescue Robot                                         Aug.-Sept.2009

l            Inflammable gas detection sensor and datalog circuit board design.


Team leader, Modular Multi-function Disaster Rescue Robot       [Pic.9-13]                                  Sept. 2008-Oct. 2009

l            National Innovating Experiment Project for University Students.

l            Designed distributed amended system for the modular rescue robot using the AVR.

l            Mechanical design: four robots with four-wheel, omni-wheel, track-leg and Hexapod platform.

l            CAD, FEA, Laser cutting and SLA rapid prototyping used in the design and manufacture process.

l            Designed interchangeable mechanical connector to support multi-task in different environments


Team member, OpenCV Machine-Vision Experimental Kits                                                          Sept. 2009- Sept. 2010

l            Designed a two degree of freedom platform with a nonlethal weapon mounted.

l            Participate in object tracking and facial recognition programming base on OpenCV.


Team leader, Multipurpose Biomimetic Robot Experimental Kits [Pic.14-16]                                     Sept. 2007-2009

l            Gait and motion Planning for quadruped and Hexapedal robot.

l            Developed an educational and entertainment robot kits for teaching and experimental purposes.

l            Designed the modular based mechanical structure and control platform.


Paper and Patents

l          The first author, Modular multi-function rescue robot”, proceeding of China Second University Student

Creativity Forum (Chinese), Oct., 2009

l          "Wall Climbing Robot Using Flexible Electrostatic Attraction Techniques"Machinery Design &

Manufacture, ISSN 1001-3997,2011.6

l          The first author, Flexible Electrostatic Attraction Inspired Climbing with a Biologically Robot,

Proceedings of Analog Devices Inc - University Design Competition 2010

l          Graduation Paper: Automatic Mobile Robot Control System Design for the ABU ROBOCON 2010 Contest

l          Modular multi-function disaster rescue robot, patent 200920224197.1

l          multipurpose biomimetic robot teaching and experimental test bed, patent pending

l          Several other product design patents pending in the process.


Awards and Honors    

l            Second prize of excellence, biomimetic robot design contest, HIT


l            Winner project of National Innovating Experiment Project For University Students


l            First prize of Science & Technology Innovation Projects, HIT

Sept. 2009

l            Top 10 Project of China Second University Student Innovating Forum

Oct. 2009

l            First prize of international ROBOCON2009,Top 8 in China ROBOCON2010

l            Second prize, Analog Devices Inc. - University Design Competition





l            Leader of class, won honor class in Province and excellent leader in school

l            Vice present, Science & Technology Association of HIT College of Mechatronics Engineering

l            Control team leader, HIT ROBOCON team


Selected Showcase:

Pic. 1 ARM+FPGA Robot Control Board                     Pic. 2 MOSFET 100A DC Motor Driver

                 Pic. 3-5 Flexible Electrostatic Attraction -Biomimetic Climbing Robot


Pic.6 SLAM Project for Pioneer       Pic.7 humanoid robots Distribute Control               Pic.8 Servo Motor X32 board




Pic.9 M.R Robot- Track-leg Platform           Pic.10    M.R Robot- wheel Platform               Pic.11    M.R Robot- Omini Platform



Pic.12   Modular Robot Team                                                    Pic.13 My M.R.Robot and Me


Pic.14 My Giant Hex for Haptic Study      Pic.15 My First Robot: 12DOF-Dragon Warrior    Pic.16 Mini Hexapod:Quick Runner




Pic.17 Motion Game pod                Pic.18 Distribute Control Test      Pic.19 6-DOF MEMS UNIT      Pic.20 Video Robot Controler